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Vision for Change

Embracing a New Era:

How Glappy Village is Paving the Way for Rural Prosperity.

The Glappy Village is a community or settlement that embraces technology and innovative solutions to enhance the quality of life, promote sustainability, and drive economic development. These villages leverage digital connectivity, renewable energy, efficient infrastructure, and smart applications to create a connected and advanced environment. They prioritize access to education, healthcare, and other essential services, aiming to improve the overall well-being and prosperity of their residents.

At Glappy Village, we take pride in our commitment to the African Dream Movement, and we are dedicated to making a positive impact in rural communities in Africa. Through our collaborative efforts and focus on sustainable development, we aim to create a brighter future for all and pave the way for long-lasting prosperity. Together, we can empower individuals and communities to thrive, embracing a new era of growth and progress.

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Support Problem Space Labs

Help provide African Children with trial -and - error, constructive, experimental, and collaborative learning through hands-on activities.

$3,000 raised
of $30,000 goal

"We can make a difference."

"At Gateway School, Douala, our 'African Kids Can Code' program was a triumph. Seeing 100 kids excel in Scratch and Python was heartwarming, but the parents' pride at the certificate ceremony was the pinnacle. Truly, the future of innovative education is bright."

"I felt Supported"

"The supportive and collaborative culture at Glappy made me feel like a valuable member of the team, and I always felt comfortable asking for help when I needed it. The mentorship provided by my supervisor was exceptional, and I learned so much from working alongside them."
-Melinda B, New Jersey

"100 days of Code."

"Had an end-of-week review with dev team. Collaborating in a team environment, whether as a volunteer, intern, or paid, is an invaluable experience. If given the opportunity, say yes."
- Joseph White , Texas

Our Vision

This Is Why Your Support Matters.

The African Dream embodies the idea of providing equal opportunities for all individuals who identify as African, whether by birth or by choice. It aims to enable complete transformation and growth, allowing men and women to lead fulfilling lives that align with their highest potential.

Our mission is to empower individuals who identify as African, fostering an environment of equal opportunities, transformation, and growth. We strive to enable men and women to lead fulfilling lives aligned with their highest potential, through various initiatives and support systems that promote education, entrepreneurship, and social progress across the African continent.

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Research and Advocacy.

The Glappy Foundation engages in research initiatives and collaborates with experts to gain insights into the challenges faced by African communities.